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Support in your


for a satisfying life.



I've had the honor of supporting individuals through coaching since 2012. Based in Durham, NC, I offer consultations and coaching sessions by telephone and video-conference.


My life is (and always has been) an ongoing quest for the most satisfying life possible, and I know how valuable it is to have a partner at key points during that quest. 


You and I come to coaching as two equal adults--both "humans among humans"--serving in different roles. Our work together is fully focused on your quest for deep satisfaction in your work and in your life as a whole.

My role as your coach requires attentiveness, humility, curiosity, candor, neutrality, respect, empathy, and kindness. It also requires coaching education, skills, and experience.


My credentials:  

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from International Coach Federation (ICF).

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) at Emory University, with majors in Psychology and Anthropology.

  • Certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

  • Certified in Authentic Leadership Coaching (CALC) with Raleigh Coaching Academy.



I would love to hear about your quest for deep satisfaction in work and life, and discuss how we might work together.



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